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The American Psychological Association (APA) is one of the citation styles employed by institutions of higher learning while writing thesis papers. Just like many other referencing styles, it comes with rules and regulations which students are expected to abide by throughout the entire writing process. It is arguably the widely used citation style for various journals and academic papers. As opposed to many views, APA style of citation is not any different from others, only that it has unique and specific rules must be adhered to. All the same, as a student, you can still deliver an exemplary APA thesis if you stick to these rules and guidelines.

In order to help our students amicably handle this challenging task, we have invested in the services of our expert thesis writers to offer useful tips on how to manage APA thesis writing.  PremiumWritingService.com understands that APA thesis writing consists of specifications which will help the standard for formatting of the text, as well as how to arrange and mark headings. Other segments in APA thesis deals with tables and references.

●     Use of headings.

While writing an APA thesis, our qualified writers recommends that you pay attention to how you write your heading. In APA citation style, it dictates that your print size to be strictly 12, while the font left strictly at Times New Roman or Courier, depending on individual’s interest. As opposed to many other citation styles which do not limit the heading levels, APA thesis is very challenging, hence recommended that as a student, you consult your lecturer.

●     Avoid biased language.

Writing an APA thesis paper with a tone full of bias cannot handsomely pay off. At PremiumWritingService.com, our professional writers suggest that all words which might appear offensive must be avoided at all costs. While tackling an APA thesis, it a wise idea to avoid as much as possible words which appear to lean on or discriminate a given religion or nationality. For example, do not use a word like ‘’gay men’’.

●     Capitalization

This very important component of writing a winning APA thesis and one that must be carefully analyzed. Very often, students find it hard and confusing when it comes capitalization. In order to shed some on this tricky issue, our exceptional writers recommend the following:

1. All tests names must be capitalized.

2. All important words (key words) must be capitalized. This includes also subtitles and headings.

3. Names of hypotheses or theories should not be capitalized.

4. Every word written after a dash or a colon must be capitalized at all times.

●     APA thesis citation basics

In writing a quality and standard APA thesis, we suggest that you stick to the author-date style when making any in-text quotation. This simply means that the last name of the author, as well as the year of publication must be well brought out.

Besides the above discussed, there are other rules in APA thesis writing. These include tables, and charts and figures. If you have problems with writing these, you can always find help at PremiumWritingService.com where we have experts with experience on the same.

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