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An Analytical Research Paper has the main aim of  increasing the understanding of a particular topic or subject. It is majored on breaking the topic or subject in question into smaller parts for easier understanding.

When choosing the topic for an Analytical Research Paper, the writer should come up with a complex one which will rouse the interest of the reader. Tackling what the reader already knows will not give them the urge to read into the content. Complex topics also give the writer the interest to research and know more about the topic they are tackling. The topic chosen should not be too general. In-case of general topics they should be narrowed down to smaller subjects, for instance narrow down “Cancer”to  “The effects of brain cancer” to “The impact of brain cancer in East Africa”

A thesis statement should be developed to define what the writer talks about in the research paper. It also restricts the writer to the subject matter of whatever they are writing and prevents them from giving  irrelevant information. The introduction should lure and hook the reader to the content the writer offers, by giving a brief background of the subject matter. It should compose of well outlined thoughts to tempt the reader into reading deeper into the content.

The paragraphs used should be straight to the point. The writer should avoid sentences which are too long and which don't communicate much to the reader. Technical language should be put to the minimal to ensure the reader understands what they read. Paragraphs should tackle one idea at time since it gives the reader a basis to comprehend what the writer is talking about. Well organized paragraphs give the reader the ability to follow the thoughts of the writer and understand the track of argument.

Any writer should not be biased on the subject matter of the content,they should have a neutral stand and tackle the subject matter in a way that will not influence the reader to adopt a certain aspect, developed by the writer. The content of the research should be broken down into bits and small sections and each analyzed carefully. Arguments should be stated in an organized flow, easy for the reader to follow and absorb.

Any Analytical Research Paper must be based on research. Personal opinions are never included  in this kind of research. The writer has to state what they have dug out from several sources to support the thesis statement. It therefore calls for factual information, hence the writer has to exploit numerous sources to get credible content. Sources of information include the Internet,Interviewing knowledgeable professionals, or from libraries. The writer has to be careful to cite any information received from secondary sources to prevent incidences of plagiarism. Writers should however be careful with the credibility of information from secondary sources, since it might not be true.

The conclusion calls for the summary of the whole content, it aims at emphasizing the most important points in the whole content. Before submitting the complete work, the writer must proofread it to make sure that there are no gaps left, and if they are there, they fill them up. Proofreading also helps in ensuring that the content is in tandem with the thesis statement and eliminating mechanical errors  like sentence construction mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes etc.

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