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The main aim of writing a Compare and Contrast Research Paper is to take two or more points, then reveal their similarities and differences. It calls for identification of the points of contrast in-order for a compare and contrast research paper to be successful.

After one identifies the ideas or topics to write on, the next step is to identify and make a list of of the characteristics they have in common. The writer should however avoid stating all similarities in one paragraph and all differences in another. Instead, they should start with a similarity and also show a difference of the two regardless of the similarities, For instance while comparing and contrasting goats and cows, one can start with the similarity that they are all domestic animals, then the difference that goats are smaller than cows.

An introduction is essential to give a background of the research paper, which helps specify what the research paper is all about. It should be catchy to hook the reader to the content, from the beginning to the end. An intro which contains a surprising fact is more appealing to any reader since it provokes the reader to read deep into the content of the research paper, to get more facts.

The writer should bear in mind that the main aim of the compare and contrast research paper is presenting contextual information, hence they should not be biased. It calls for presentation of factual information which is not to the reader's domain,i.e one has to discuss new things which will add to the reader's knowledge. In-case one is giving obvious information, they should tackle it from a new perspective that will give the reader a new insight of the matter in question.

Before writing a compare and contrast research paper, one has to be familiar with the topics they have chosen. They must gather facts and evidence in-order to support their argument. It calls for research to make sure that facts used in the content are credible and justifiable. Understanding the target audience also helps in preparation of relevant information which will best suit them. Information can be sourced from the Internet, from libraries or from interviewing professionals in that particular field one is writing on.

Facts raised in a good compare and contrast research paper should fall in an organized grain of thought. It calls for a nice build up of transition lines to ensure that the ideas fall smoothly, one after the other. The writer must exhaust one point before the next to give a nice basis for succeeding points. Writers should not give their own thought information which cannot be justifiable, since it leads the reader to questioning their credibility.

Writing a compare and contrast research paper must have excellent results, hence each point and fact should be clearly analyzed, to make sure that it is clear to the reader. It should therefore be critically read to avoid loopholes which open doors for criticism. The writer has to proofread in-order to fill in any gaps which might have been left in the process. Proofreading also helps in eliminating mechanical errors like spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes etc.

The conclusion should summarize the main similarities and differences of the two analyzed topics, and it should get the reader to think of  the topics from a different perspective.

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