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To many students, There is an assumption that essay writing is not a very involving undertaking. Some believe that it does not require a lot of expertise. However, this assumption changes when the reality of writing an essay downs on them. It turns out to be a much more difficult task than earlier anticipated, with cases of simple, but avoidable mistakes being common. This is where it is important to know the common essay writing mistakes, and how best to avoid them. PremiumWritingService.com has compiled the following list on common mistakes in essay writing. These are some of the mistakes that students do, often unknowingly. Some of the common essay writing mistakes includes the following:


Often regarded as the biggest offence in academic writing, students do submit plagiarized contents unknowingly. The rule of academic writing dictates that students incorporate the ideas of other writers and acknowledging them. Failure to acknowledge that it is a borrowed idea will amount to plagiarism, a serious academic offence. As a result, it is advisable to be on a safer side by clearly mentioning which ideas are your own, and which ones are borrowed. At PremiumWritingService.com, we have state-of the-art software to detect any plagiarized contents in essay writing.

Spelling errors

This is one of the most common mistakes in essay writing. Most students fail to revise their essays prior to making submissions in order to fix any grammatical errors. In academic writing, such mistakes have no excuse, and must be factored into when granting marks. The problem is even worsened by failure to make distinctions between UK and US English. So, you must always be cautious and ensure that your essay is comprehensive and written sing the correct language, as desired.


Repetition is a manifestation of lack of interest, and organizational skills. It remains one of the common essay writing mistakes that students fail to notice. When an essay is full of repetitions, it becomes more of a bore than an interesting piece to read. Besides that, it also manifests lack of knowledge in a particular topic. If you want to avoid such mistakes, then PremiumWritingService.com is the place to be.

No conclusion

Most students abruptly end their essay writing without reaching a conclusion. This is particularly common when they have reached the required word count, and feels the extra words as being unnecessary. In any essay writing, a summary is mandatory, and must always be included. Though it remains one of the common essay writing mistakes, the problem can be easily fixed by adding a small paragraph at the end of the essay to summarize it up.

Inappropriate use of paragraph breaks

This is another typical essay writing mistake. Many essay writers make the mistake of incorporating many ideas within a single paragraph. The results are long, incomprehensive and jam packed paragraphs that confuse many readers. At PremiumWritingService.com, we advice that you should develop a single idea only within the confines of one paragraph.

Contractions and slang

The use of contractions and slang has been identified as one of the common essay writing mistakes. Essay writing dictates the use of formal and ordinary English. Slang or contractions are not, in any way, allowed in essay writing. If you want a breakthrough in essay writing, then you can avoid these common essay writing mistakes by placing your orders at PremiumWritingService.com, where the following are guaranteed:

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