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Essay assignment is a common feature in nearly all academic courses. Students are often assigned many essays in the course of their studies. However, due to the vast number of such essays, majority of students do not know under which category their essays fall, perhaps the cause of their dismal performances. Literally, there exist many types of essays. Since many are pre-determined by the assignment, majority of students have no option about the essay type that they write about. Either way, it is imperative to know the various types of essays available, and to understand how best to approach each. PremiumWritingService.com has filed the following common types of essays:

Persuasive/Argumentative essay

It is one of the common types of essays in institutions of higher learning. Literally, it makes a claim, where the writer is supposed to take a position and back it up with formidable evidence, expert opinions and statistics. It requires critical thinking and exceptional argumentative skills. If you are faced with a daunting task to write a persuasive essay, then we are here to offer some reprieve.

Descriptive essays

Just like the name defines, such essays general make descriptions. Such essays require a writer to make vivid and crystal clear descriptions that make it obvious to the readers what is being described. It usually answers the questions where, why, what, and when, among others. It helps in developing and strengthening communications skills which are important in the modern world. With PremiumWritingService.com, you are guaranteed of exceptional description essays of superb quality.

Narrative essay

This is another common type of essay in universities. Generally, it tells a story in a sequential and comprehensive manner. This kind of essay is written with the sole purpose of making some clarity to some kind of story, and making it meaningful to the readers. A narrative essay requires exceptional witting skills and a sense of organization, hence remains a challenge to most students. However, PremiumWritingService.com has expert writers with the best track records in essay writing to ensure that it is a success.

A research essay

It is arguably one of the most demanding essay assignments. In this type of essay, a writer is supposed to carry out extensive research, gather the data in the most professional manner, and write an outstanding essay that has covered the topic in depth. We have the most experienced writers in this type of writing. With plagiarism being a common problem in this type of essay, we have put in place checks and balances to ensure that your essay is 100% authentic.

Review essay

Depending on the context, a review essay can be either formal or informal. In this type of essay, a writer’s personal opinions play a significant role. The primary objective of a review essay is to evaluate an already written literary work. And just like many other types of essays, your arguments need to be approved. This is where our prolific writers scores best. With our writing assistance, you have an opportunity to deliver an impressive review essay.

PremiumWritingService.com is a household name in writing different types of essays. Our remarkable records and outstanding experience in this industry have placed us at the helm of essay writing. With us, you have an opportunity to acquaint yourself with techniques in writing different types of essays. If you feel the heat in writing essays, then we are here to help while enjoying the following:

  • Original essays.
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