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Technical Writing ServicesThe need for businesses to better communicate with their consumers has created a need for development of technical literature that puts the technical aspects of the products and services offered, in a language the end user can understand. Technical writing services simply put technical ideas into meaningful words. Whether you need user guides, operator manuals, administrator and programmer guides, specifications, proposals and feasibility studies among many others, can provide. They have the most talented technical writers who deep appreciation and understanding of diverse technological subjects who easily put to words, various technologies in language end users readily comprehend.

 Some of the materials the elite pool of our technical writers at can help you generate include but are not limited to:

User guides and manuals - are book-length technical communication documents that contain instructions on loading, installing, using as well as troubleshooting a software or hardware product. Such guides convey technical information but this has to be broken down into layman language so that everyone can understand.

 Process workflows - these captures and document the repeatable and orchestrated business activity patterns that are made possible by systematically organizing resources into processes to end up with products, services or materials. Documenting such production sequences allows for the same to be duplicated elsewhere especially if the benefits associated with the workflows have already been established.

 Technical proposals - these can be used to put forth requests for support, especially for sponsored research. They can also be written with the general intention of persuading the targeted readership to do something, say invest in a certain product, purchase certain services or invest in a particular cause. They need to contain all the essential information as such should easily and quickly provide details of the cost, duration, purposes or intentions of the project and how it benefits the reader. has an abundant number of highly qualified and very talented technical writers who will ensure that these and many more of your technical writing needs are effectively delivered. They will give you:

  • The right writer for your particular job
  • Deliver high-quality materials at bargain rates
  • The benefit of the best-rated technical writers in the world
  • The largest possible pool of experts available
  • Very short turnaround time for all your technical writing needs.

Atlas Copco, the Swedish industrial giant has been using the technical writing services of and they equate these services with royal treatment. Their Vice-President, Technical Services said about the services, ' has it all and in every good way.'

Editing and Proofreading Services - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 reviews
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Why use our Editing and Proofreading Services

Writing a flawless paper is a long process. Even the most skilled writers find it challenging to write documents or manuscripts and submit them without having a second pair of eyes to review it. As long as people continue to gain knowledge through academics, they will always write, which means editing and proofreading services will continue being crucial elements of academics even with the advent of new technologies. While there are web applications already, there is a difference in a manuscript that is edited by a human being and those edited on the web.  


We are rated as the Best in Editing and Proofreading in US

For sure, after spending days, sleepless nights or even months researching and writing your document, the last things you want to encounter are embarrassing statements and grammatical errors after you submit it. The role of an editor or a proofreader is to help you eliminate any mistakes that you may not notice as you write. You can proofread your work, no doubt about that, however, that will only removeobvious and severe errors that even the platform on which you are writing is likely to detect and highlight. The professional editors and proofreaders at will not only identify the mistakes but will also correct structural errors that no software can detect.

Our editing and proofreading services offer a range of solutions that are aimed at perfecting your writing. For years, we have helped thousands of writers and authors to have top publishers and journals accept their manuscripts for publicationOur team of writers does not possess top writing and editing skills, some of them are in the editorial boards of some of the world’s major journals, giving them the knowledge of what your manuscript needs to be viable for publication. Here are some of the editorial services that you can get from us:

  • Manuscript EditingAre you writing a paper that you hope to publish in a journal soon? There is more to publishing than you think. Let us bring exceptional coherence to your document through our manuscript editing services and put your paper ingood stead for publication.
  • Scientific EditingWe have a team of science editors that will make your paper sound scientific and informativeThey have all the scientific jargons; they will ensure you apply them moderately in your paper. 
  • Language EditingAre you having a presentation, speech, website, grant application, brochures or any other document that you need to deliver to a recipient in flawless language? You might need our help. We are the best proofreading services because we do more than surface reading and suggestions on your paper; we ensure that you can trace the changes so that you choose to accept them or not.
  • Thesis Editing:If you are a postgraduate student, one of the challenges you probably face is researching and writing your thesis to completion. You would not want to go through all that daunting process, and then have the thesis committee reject your document. You can avoid this by seeking our academic editing and proofreading services. We will bring clarity to the text to make your professor and the committee happy.
  • Book EditingAs a writer, you cannot complete writing your book and send it straight to the publisher. Such a move will surely see the publisher rejecting your book. However, by making use of our editing and proofreading services, you will be improving the chances of the books acceptability to any publisher. We can help you with both fictional and non-fictional texts.
  • Proofreading ServicesWhen you choose to seek our proofreading help before submitting your manuscript, you will be giving your paper the professionalism it deserves before sending it for publication. We eliminate all the spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes from your writing, ensuring that there are no inconsistencies. 

Why Choose Our Editing and Proofreading Service


  • Endorsed by Journals: has earned the trust of top journals around the world. In fact, they refer some of the manuscripts they reject to us for editing before they can consider publishing them. 
  • 100% QualityWe give you value for your money when you order for our editing and proofreading services. We guarantee quality papers that are coherent and clear.
  • Preferred Specialist: If you have worked with us before and you prefer an editor to work on your order, you only need to let us know his or her ID. We will assign the order as per your wish without any hesitation.
  • Value for your TimeYou seek editing and proofreading services online because you want to save your time. At, we make it easy for you to juggle different activities at once; you can focus on other things as we work on your paper.
  • Take a Huge Step towards PublicationOur editing services provide you with flawless documents that take you close to the publication that you desire. 
  • 24/7 Customer ServiceWe support you from the moment you place the order until we deliver it. Contact any time whenever you have a question about our writing and editing services.
  • ConfidentialityYou are completely safe when using our editing and proofreading services. We do our best to protect yourprivacy. 

Our Editors and Proofreaders

We have more than 500 experts within our editorial team, the majority being native English speakers. Their diverse expertise brings more than 300 subject areas. Their vast experience makes them adhere to all the standards of editorial excellence. We only choose masters and Ph.D. holders to be part of our team, which means you will be working with individuals with a deep understanding every academic standard in the world.The skills within among our editors and proofreaders allow us to match every order with an editor who understands the subject or discipline. You can be sure that when you come to us, no publisher will reject your manuscript on the grounds of inconsistency or poor language.

Premium Resume & CV Writing Services - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 reviews
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Resume Writing CompanyHaving a professional, comprehensive, and coherent resume is of paramount importance when applying for a job position, as this showcases your skills, education, and experience to prospective employers, helping them decide whether you would be a suitable applicant or not. provides well-written and well-composed resumes that have been meticulously tailored to your needs, making sure to highlight your most desirable skills in a way that will make your job application completely fail-proof. Our resume writing services are 100% custom and everything is based on your background and the nature of the company or organization you intend to join. offers a team of professional resume writers with an extensive experience crafting resumes in a wide range of industries, using very specific terminology for each to create tailored resumes for your needs. Our writing experts have the ability to put together all types of resumes, using appropriate structures for each, and also compelling formatting to make them look more professional, well-organized, and also very knowledgeable.

Chronological Resumes: If you are looking for a resume that showcases your strong, solid working history, has what it takes to craft an outstanding chronological resume. Our resume writers will start by listing your work history in a reverse order, with your most recent job listed first, making sure to mention the position you held for each and for how long, and include a compelling description for each, highlighting your most important responsibilities and achievements during this time.

Functional Resumes: provides functional resume writing services that enables students or other individuals with very little working experience to get top-of-the-line resumes that focus on their skills and abilities instead. Our expert writers follow specific resume structures that are meant to emphasize your qualifications in a way that will make employment history completely insignificant, hence making it more likely to get hired and obtain the position you applied for.

Combination Resume: If you are looking for a resume that is properly centered on both your skills and experience, then is certainly the company to contact. We can put together combination resumes that showcase both your abilities, experience, and employment history, doing the best of our ability to make your job application stand out among the rest.

Targeted Resumes: Want a resume that targets specifically the job position you are applying for? can craft top-notch targeted resumes that are focused solely on the skills and experience that are relevant to the job, which will give you a lot more credibility and reliability in the eyes of prospective employers. Targeted resumes are known to work best especially when your past experience and skills match the qualifications needed for the job you are applying for, yet our expert writers know how to put together this type of resumes even when they do not match, guaranteeing much better chances of getting hired. is one of the most trusted source of professional resume writing services that will help you convince any prospective employer of your qualifications, experience, and abilities to perform well in any job position.

“I must say that using your premium writing services helped me get hired unexpectedly fast. The functional resume I ordered from you was very targeted towards the job I was applying for, and the language used was extremely industry-tailored as well. You knew how to make me look professional and qualified even without having much experience, and my employer has actually congratulated me for knowing to draw emphasis to my best abilities. Thank you so much, I will definitely be recommending your top-of-the-line services to other people I know.” – Thomas Blake

• Professional writers with an extensive experience in resume writing
• We guarantee 100% original and non-plagiarized resumes
• Ability to create all types of resumes tailored to your very specific needs
• Knowledge of best current resume structures and templates
• On-time delivery and affordable pricing


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